The Importance of Raising Confident Children

Confidence is mandatory for children's social and emotional development. It's important to consider what is developmentally appropriate for them, and when to introduce new concepts.


Early self-esteem often predicts levels of self-esteem later in life.

Allow your infant to get into positions on their own instead of putting them in positions.

Provide structure & routine to allow your baby to feel confident that they know what's next in their day.

Remember that developmental stages vary & trust that your baby will meet milestones in time.

Little Kids

Studies show that by age 5 self-esteem levels can be measured.

Set healthy and consistent boundaries so your child feels safe enough to explore their own feelings.

Show your children that you can remain calm while they express their big feelings.

Offer opportunities for them to do things on their own and make their own choices. 

Give praise that encourages your child to look inside themselves for confidence.

Big Kids

Studies show that it is helpful for their confidence to have responsibilities.

 Encourage efforts and the process of learning, over praising outcomes and end results.

Let your child know they will be loved no matter what behaviors they show or successes they have.

We all have bad days. Welcome your child’s emotions, while setting limits around behaviors.

Allow them to express themselves in unique ways. Maybe through art, song, dance, clothing etc.

Show your child that it’s not about feeling better, it’s about learning to tolerate distress.

Hammerhead encourages calming skills, social skills and responsibility.